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Neuro Endoscopy

An endoscope is an instrument through a little camera that enables a specialist to see inside the body. It is a thin tube that has a focal point and a light toward the end — the focal point to transmit pictures to the specialist’s view, and the light since, well, it’s dull in there.

A specialist utilizing an endoscope and unique careful instruments can perform complex tasks through little cuts. Endoscopic medical procedure is particularly helpful in the mind and spine, an utilization called Neuroendoscopic medical procedure.

Neurosurgeons acknowledge Neuroendoscopic medical procedure for its propensity to aggravate almost no sound tissue, its lower rate of complexities and its magnificent results. Neuroendoscopic medical procedure is a claim to fame inside neurosurgery, and it requires a neurosurgeon to get particular preparing.

The term endoscopy originates from endoscope, which is an adaptable tube with a light and camera joined to it, regularly utilized in gastrointestinal medical procedures, and enables specialists to see enter anatomical highlights progressively amid medical procedure. In this manner, neuroendoscopy is the utilization of an endoscope amid cranial, or neurological medical procedures.

A standout amongst the most great headways in neurosurgery in the course of recent years is the incorporation of endoscopic procedures. Best Neurosurgeon in Pune report that it enables them to envision territories of the mind that they couldn’t see previously. Different mind tumors can be treated with endoscopic medical procedure rather than minute medical procedure. The key favorable position endoscopic neurosurgery has over tiny medical procedure is representation. Envision minuscule medical procedure like a little pinpoint of light, sparkling on the tumor or zone of medical procedure, while endoscopic instruments are more delegate of a spotlight, enlightening a considerably bigger zone, which builds representation. Dr. Amit Dhakoji is one of the best Neurosurgeon in Pune.


While numerous headways are still to be made inside neuro or cranial endoscopy, as of now specialists are finding insignificant damage to neural tissue when utilizing an endoscope amid medical procedure. A cranial endoscope is an exceptionally flexible apparatus that will help in medical procedure in light of the fact that with it specialists can get to zones of the mind that can’t be gotten to with conventional medical procedure. Amid neuroendoscopy, specialists can expel tumors through little gaps (around 3mm to 6mm in measurement) in the skull or through the nose or mouth. Focal points for the patient likewise incorporate insignificant frightening, less torment and quicker recuperation when contrasted with customary cerebrum medical procedure.

The sorts of mind tumors that may potentially be dealt with utilizing neuroendoscopy include:

– Ventricular tumors

– Pituitary tumors

– Tumors in the pineal district

– Colloid pimples

– Rathke’s split growths

– Skull based tumors, For example : meningiomas and clival chordomas